Eclipse ‘The Twilight Sage’

After exposing the “dying to see for” clip of the up coming movie Eclipse (third film of the Twilight Saga) at the MTV Video Music award on June 6, 2010, there is already a scare for when the movie hits theaters on June 30, 2010, or is there?

The Twilight Sage is a series of four books about a human, Bella Swan and a vampire, Edward Cullen who fall irrevocably in love with each other. Since the exposure of the love that they have for surfaced in public, complications started to arise between the vampire, wolf, and human world.

Who would have thought that a dream could be turned into a multimillion-dollar movies series? Stephanie Meyer, author of the Twilight Saga, explains on her website that the idea of writing the book was from a dream that she had back in the spring of 2003. Six months later that dream was published.

When the movie Twilight came out in late 2008, it had a rating of 5.7 out of 10 which was averaged out by over 100,000 IMDb users.  For the squeal, New Moon, even though the movie did make lead the box office as the third highest opening grossing of all time, critics rated the film a 27% out of 100% on the Tomatoemeter. Some explained the movie to be centered around three main points “don’t leave me”; “i can’t live with out you”; and “make me a vampire”: which seems to be the overall gist of the love between Edward and Bella.

Producers of Twilight want to keep its fans interested in the movie squeals, so they do so by using different types of social media. Myspace is not as popular as it used to be but still has a great amount of young users. Marketers of the Twilight Saga created a Myspace page to show trailers, photos, and also able to purchase advance tickets of Eclipse. The Twilight Saga also has a Facebook page with over 21,000 likes and a Twitter account with over 300,000 followers.

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