Why H&M?

H&M’s Facebook account has over 2 million fans, which is more than twice the fans of other retailer accounts. The question to this enormous amount is why? This post will try to answer it.

Fashion retailers have to continuously find ways to keep their customers updated on its latest collections. It is important to advertise products for people to gain familiarity to form a sense of what they need or want. Most fashion advertisements are done so through magazines, billboards, posters, commercials, etc. However, with the new generation of communication, what better way to keep customers consistent about certain brands than through social media?

Retailers use sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace to upload pictures of new season items, job postings, store openings, feedback on items, events, model calls, contests, and much more. These social networking sites really form a connection between retailers and its customers.

On a rating of the top 10 retailers’ Facebook sites that are visited the most, H&M came in first place with over 2.8 million likes following Hot Topic with over 300,000 likes.

Retailer Likes
H&M 2.8 million
Hot Topic 300,000
Pottery Barn 100,000
Forever 21 900,000
American Apparel 200,000
J. Jill No Account
Pottery Barn for Kids 48,000
The Limited 38,000
Sephora 600,000
Banana Republic 100,000

H&M is a retail store that sells clothing and accessories for men, women, and children of all ages. It was founded in Sweden in 1947 and is now global but at the same time very limited. Its stores are located in selective cities around the United States in the Northeast, the Southeast, and Lower Western parts. In the U.S., products on H&M cannot be bought online and will have to be purchased in the store only.

What makes H&M so unique in comparison to other popular brand such as Express and Forever 21, is that it is very affordable and the products are similar to items that can be worn in a Paris Couture Runway Show. H&M could be described as being the “affordable Couture.” Its clothing could be worn preppy, club, schoolgirl, fitted, and much more. Putting an outfit together at H&M gives off the impression of an expensive designer wear. Its products are a mixture of trendy but then again vintage.

H&M’s Facebook account includes discussions, recent posts from customers, and albums on collections and some social impacting events such as its Fashion Against Aids campaign.

When trying to figure out why H&M’s Facebook account is the most visited, there really isn’t a definite answer. In the past month in a half, H&M likes went from 2.1 million to 2.8 million. Customers leave comments daily from all over the world on how much they love its products and wants more stores to be open in more places.

So why is H&M number one?

Maybe it’s because it is limited due to only being in selective areas, maybe because its affordable, or maybe because it really is a great retail store.

The truth of H&M’s popularity and success lies within its customers and their personal views of why it is on top.

Success of Social Media at UMMC

Ed Bennett, University of Maryland Medical Center’s director of web strategy, explains on how hospitals should use social media in Health-Care Reform Stokes Spending by Top Hospitals, Clinics; “I tell hospitals ‘Don’t get into social media because you think you’re going to get more patients. Do it because you’re helping be responsible to people reaching out looking for answers.’”

University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) is a great example of a hospital that is current in social media and receives a great amount of feedback on its social networking sites. It is located on the West Side of Downtown Baltimore, Maryland and is available to the entire state.

UMMC is connected to:


Featuring videos of a brief tour of the hospital, nurses and doctors explain what patients may expect in certain medical categories, and connections to YouTube videos on health news.


Wall post consist of updates on UMMC and feedback on the website.

Medical questions are also asked on the Facebook wall post but cannot be answered. UMMC redirects members to it’s website to submit questions or call the hospital.


Tweets on helpful health care related advice, reminders on special events, and links to articles such as UMMC Blogs and ABC 2 News on health.


Featuring inspirational stories, nutrition advice, updates on Haiti relief project, and other health related issues. UMMC also received the 2010 HAL Medical Awards taking the spot of 6 out of 10 and being quoted as “having the most breathtaking stories.”

iPhone application

Features 50,000 pages of medical content.


According to Ed Bennett’s presentation on Hospitals and Social Media, UMMC is continuously receiving an increase in video viewers, which also increases awareness. Given that UMMC has duplicated over 100 videos from YouTube to its site has raised the number of monthly viewers from 20,000 in March 2008 to 75,000 in March 2009. This connection links people to the UMMC site raising the number of daily visitors.

UMMC’s location on the West Side of Downtown Baltimore, Maryland is an issue due to criminal activity in the area. In the last year, there have been a reported 37,000 property crimes and over 10,000 violent crimes. And yet, for four years in a row, UMMC has been named one of the nation’s top hospitals for Safety and Quality through the LeapFrog Group, a non-profit organization whose mission wants to change issues in healthcare.

Social media is helping.

The top 2009 hospitals under the Leapfrog Group consisted of thirty-four urban hospitals, eight children’s hospitals, and three rural hospitals; a total of forty-five. Out of the forty-five top hospitals listed, only five facilities (in blue) are inactive in social media.

  • Polk Medical Center; Cedartown GA
  • Stephens Memorial Hospital; Norway ME
  • Waldo County General Hospital; Belfast ME
  • Mayo Clinic Hospital; Phoenix AZ
  • California Pacific Medical Center – Davies Campus; San Francisco CA
  • California Pacific Medical Center – California Campus; San Francisco CA
  • California Pacific Medical Center – Pacific Campus; San Francisco CA
  • Kaiser Permanente Anaheim Medical Center; Anaheim CA
  • Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park Medical Center; Baldwin Park CA
  • Kaiser Permanente Bellflower/Downey Medical Center; Bellflower CA
  • Kaiser Permanente Hayward Hospital; Hayward CA
  • Kaiser Permanente Sacramento Hospital; Sacramento CA
  • Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Hospital; Sacramento CA
  • Stanford Hospital & Clinics; Stanford CA
  • University of California Davis Medical Center; Sacramento CA
  • North Shore University Health System’s Highland Park Hospital; Highland Park IL
  • Northwestern Memorial Hospital; Chicago IL
  • Rush University Medical Center; Chicago IL
  • University of Maryland Medical Center; Baltimore MD
  • Bay state Medical Center; Springfield MA
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; Boston MA
  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital; Boston MA
  • North Shore Medical Center – Union Hospital; Lynn MA
  • Norwood Hospital; Norwood MA
  • Detroit Receiving Hospital; Detroit MI
  • Harper-Hutzel Hospital; Detroit MI
  • Mayo Clinic – Methodist Hospital; Rochester MN
  • Mayo Clinic Saint Marys; Rochester MN
  • Regions Hospital; Saint Paul MN
  • The Valley Hospital; Ridgewood NJ
  • University Medical Center at Princeton; Princeton NJ
  • James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute; Columbus OH
  • The Ohio State University Hospital; Columbus OH
  • Lehigh Valley Hospital; Allentown PA
  • Bon Secours St. Francis Health System; Greenville SC
  • Vanderbilt University Hospital; Nashville TN
  • Virginia Mason Medical Center; Seattle WA
  • Children’s Hospital Los Angeles; Los Angeles CA
  • Children’s Hospital of Orange County; Orange CA
  • Children’s National Medical Center; Washington DC
  • Children’s Hospital Boston; Boston MA
  • Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota – Minneapolis; Minneapolis MN
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center; Cincinnati OH
  • Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC; Pittsburgh PA
  • The Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital

Reasons why UMMC can be such a success throughout the nation would be because of its involvement on social impact (joining the Haiti relief effort) and its surrounding community, its updated website, being a part of social media, and expertise in the medical field.