Life After College………..

They say get an education, stay in school, don’t do drugs, get your diploma, get your degree, get your master’s, then your PhD……..

But what they fail to explain is life after everything is completed. Did they warn you about the real world? Well in some sort of way they say that REAL life is no joke and that its hard. But then again they say if you want to be successful to do all of the above.

Okay, so I went to school, got good grades, got my degree, and then what? Get a job? Get an internship? Get money?

With the level of students finishing college in May, the level of applicants increases remarkably. We are out of school and now we are ready to make some real money. But exactly how long is it going to take for us to make some real money? A week? A month? A year or two?

But then we are told that now-a-days a bachelor degree is not enough and to go on and get our master’s. My French teacher from college told his students that the school system is simply a way to put as many people as they can on hold because the lack of availability of jobs that can be provided post graduation. The government wants us to stay in school so that we would be postponed to the difficulties of finding a job. I’ll just have to say that I second that.

But then why are there so many job postings on sites such as Indeed, Idealist, and Career Builder? Well, yeah, you’re going to find that there is an available position for your degree but then the requirements would be to have AT LEAST 2-5 yrs experience. And this is for an Entry Level Job!!!! Okay, maybe I over exaggerated a little on the years but most postings do say 1-2 years experience. My thought has always been, “How are you suppose to gain experience if we are never given the experience?” Makes sense right? So throughout college, future employers are basically telling you that not only did you have to have been a full-time student for four years, work while being a student, but also intern for a year or two at the same time. Or, employers are saying that since you did not fit the minimum years of experience requirements that you must work for us for free as an intern and then maybe, just maybe would we hire you. Of course this won’t be until about interning for a couple of months and then we would make the decision. So since the intern is NON-PAID, while you’re interning you must find a regular job because there’s only a certain amount of time that you can go without money.

So, with all that and said, don’t forget to get an education, stay in school, don’t do drugs, get your diploma, get your degree, get your master’s, and then your PhD.


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